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The Big Lie

“His mother was such a tramp. I don’t know who his father was, but the girl was running the streets when she was twelve; a real heifer, that one.” Samantha stared at Christopher’s grandfather, horrified. She’d just met him, and … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Forest

The lynx, the bobcat, the wolf and the black bear were her secret friends, but she didn’t trust the bear enough to share her food with him. He had to settle for back scratches and tick removal, and seemed content … Continue reading

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The Fire of the Gods

When Dad was about twelve, he plowed his family fields walking behind draft horses; tractors were around, but the lazy older brothers grabbed them first. They didn’t care that their younger sibling had to walk and wrestle a one-bottom plow … Continue reading

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Modern Velociraptors

They yelled for attention when I went outside. They were the first to recognize shunned dog biscuits as a food opportunity. They measured out their own brand of justice to the dove, sparrow, lizard and moth. They regarded my modest, … Continue reading

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