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Carl Sagan Parts the Sea

Carl sat in the backseat, smiling. His childhood friend, Josef, drove the road that connected North Carolina’s Outer Banks to the mainland. They were headed for an isolated stone house that an eccentric (weren’t they all?) writer had built there … Continue reading

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Waiting for a Hunk or Even a Cyberpunk

The stars fell from the sky and the world burned. Adrienne stayed safe on her peninsula by throwing water on the narrow isthmus the first day, and then the fire moved on, leaving ash and no fuel. The town burned … Continue reading

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The Equalizers

It was Sunday evening, and Mom was frying eggs, onions and potatoes together for their supper. It was a common meal, everything coming from the farm. Dad had milked the cows alone so Mom could keep her church clothes on … Continue reading

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The Fishing Hole

Bradley’s teenaged son raced through the cluttered, overgrown yard, stepping on beer cans and dodging automotive junk, “Someone’s building on our lot!” Bradley looked out from under the hood of his aging Cadillac. Several other cars in various stages of … Continue reading

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